Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Distributor Wiremesh Indonesia


Product: Wiremesh
Kategori: Wire

Kami menjual wire mesh stainless steel, Architectural Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Welded, Razor Wire, Galvanized Wire, wire mesh for filter, decoration, building dengan berbagai type dan ukuran.

Tabel Ukuran dan Berat Nominal Wiremesh Standard
Product Type Ukuran Satuan Berat (Kg)
Wiremesh M4 210cmx54m Roll 155 Kg
Wiremesh M5Banci 210cmx54m Roll 242 Kg
Wiremesh M5Asli 210cmx54m Roll 242 Kg
Wiremesh M6Banci 210cmx54m Roll 347,6 Kg
Wiremesh M6Asli 210cmx54m Roll 347,6 Kg
Wiremesh M7Banci 210cmx540cm Lbr 47,31 Kg
Wiremesh M7Asli 210cmx540cm Lbr 47,31 Kg
Wiremesh M8Banci 210cmx540cm Lbr 61,79 Kg
Wiremesh M8Asli 210cmx540cm Lbr 61,79 Kg
Wiremesh M9Banci 210cmx540cm Lbr 78,21 Kg
Wiremesh M9Asli 210cmx540cm Lbr 78,21 Kg
Wiremesh M10Banci 210cmx540cm Lbr 96,55 Kg
Wiremesh M10Asli 210cmx540cm Lbr 96,55 Kg
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Nama: mugiyono M
Phone: 021-32935972

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Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Jual Boiler and Pressure Vessel Plate


Product.:  AISI4140
Composition:  Ferrous Steel Scrap
Technique:  Hot Rolled
Surface Treatment:  Coated
Steel Grade:  AISI4140
Type:  Steel Plate
Shape:  Steel Sheet
Good Quality:  Competitive Price
Standard: GB713:  Grade: AISI4140
Specification:  T: 6-700mm; W: 1500-4020mm; L: 3000-18800mm
Widely used in petroleum, chemical, power plants, boilers and other industries for the production of reactors, heat exchangers, separators, tank, gas cans, liquid gas storage tank, nuclear reactor pressure vessel, boiler drum, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, high-pressure water station, scroll wheel and other equipment and components. 

Chemical Composition (%)
C Si Mn P S Ti TAl V
0.13-0.18 0.20-0.30 0.50-0.85 0.02 0.018 0.015-0.030 0.020-0.040
Tags: jual Boiler plate,Pressure Vessel Steel Plates, A516gr70,ASTM,AISI4140, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Steel Plate (Q345R),Plate P295gh,Plate SA515gr65,15mnnidr,Vessel Plate, Steel Plates for Boiler and Pressure Vessel,Plate Q370r, Plate 18mnmonbr,Plate Spv355
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Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

Jual Bisclad Chromium Carbide Mild Steel Plate


Product: Bisclad
Kategori: Chromium Carbide Clad Mild Steel Plate

Bisclad is a chromium carbide clad mild steel plate offering outstanding wear life for areas subject to sliding abrasion wear.
Bisclad can be rolled, bent, weld use low hydrogen 7018 electrode and cut with plasma arc. All cutting should be from the mild steel side, otherwise chromium and carbon will contaminate mild steel base and cause a brittle weld.
Bisclad can be supplied with the following means of attachment:
  • Plug weld holes
  • Stud welded studs to mild steel
  • Countersunk holes
• Wear plates for draglines
• Shovel
• Hopper
• Skid Plates
• Chutes
• Deflector
• Slurry Pipes
• Dust Pipes

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Nama: mugiyono M
Phone: 021-32935972

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Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

HHA Armour Steel Plates


Product: HHA Armour Steel Plates
Kategori: Armour Steel Plates

Bisalloy Steels has developed a range of armour steel plates used in both defence and civil applications. While few need the exacting standards of the Department of Defence, it's these complex requirements which push the boundaries of technology and result in product improvements that benefit all customers of Bisalloy Steels.
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Nama: mugiyono M
Phone: 021-32935972

Tags: armour steel plates,HHA,jual plat
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Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

Harga Plat beyond-steel | Indonesia Steel & Iron Wholesaler


Beyond-steel | Indonesia Steel & Iron Wholesaler, menjual aneka besi dan baja industri,sbb:
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Nama: mugiyono M
Phone: 0818 1817 1467

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    Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

    Jual Plat Material S355JR atau Ekuivalen


    Product : Jual Plat S355JR
    Kategori: Hot rolled steel for welded structural steel plates
    Standard: EN 10025 S355JR


    Kami menjual plat S355JR equivalent dengan ASTM A572 Gr.50, A678 Gr.A, SM490 JIS G3101, GB Q345B, BS EN S355,  BS 4360 50B, dan ST52 DIN 17100, NFA 35-501 E 36-2, UNI 7070 Fe 510 B, UNE 36.080 AE 355B, dengan berbagai ukuran ketebalan. Related Grade: S355JO, S355J2, EN 10025-2, S355J2G3, S355J2G3+N, ST52-3, ST52-3N, S355J2H, S355J2+N, ST52.0, E355,


    Plat S355JR adalah plat yang banyak digunakan dalam konstruksi dan industri lainnya. Tidak berbeda jauh dari plat mild steel namun memiliki yield strength yang lebih tinggi sehingga banyak digunakan untuk sektor konstruksi.
    Yield Strength: 345-355(N/mm2); Tensile Strength: 490-680(N/mm2); Elongation: 20(%); C/W Mill Certificate.

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    Nama: Sales
    Tel: 021-2986 1684
    Fax: 021-2986 1684
    Mobile: 0818 0817 1467
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    Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

    Jual Plat SPCC & SPCC-SD


    Product: Jual Plat SPCC dan SPCC-SD
    Kategori: Plate Carbon Steel

    Kami menjual plat putih SPCC & SPCC-SD, dengan berbagai type dan ukuran.
    Plat putih (SPCC)adalah plat yang banyak digunakan dalam industri otomotif
    maupun industri lainnya.

    SPCC (Steel Plate Cold Rolled Coiled) is a grade of commercial steel (commercial quality) referenced in the Japanese standard JIS G3141. It is similar to the CS grades in ASTM A 1008 and A 1008M. Commercial quality, cold rolled carbon steel sheet/coils per JIS G3141, Cold-reduced Carbon Steel Sheets and strips. Both low carbon & mild steel grades may be available, and a suffix may be added to indicate hardness. Similar to ASTM A1008/A1008M (supersedes A366/A366M).
    S = Standard Temper Grade
    D = Dull Finish
    B = Bright Finish

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    Nama: Sales
    Tel: 021-2986 1684
    Fax: 021-2986 1684
    Mobile: 0818 0817 1467
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    Jual Marine Plate SS400, BKI, ABS, DNV


    Product: Jual Marine Plate SS400, BKI, ABS, DNV
    Kategori: Steel Plate

    Plat Kapal / Marine Plate
    Kami menjual Plat Kapal SS400, BKI, ABS, DNV, dll.
    Tersedia dari ketebalan 4, 5 mm sampai 25 mm Ukuran 5' x 20' atau 6' x 20'

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    Tags: jual,harga,agen,indonesia,jakarta,plat kapal,marine plate,SS400, BKI,
    ABS, DNV
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    Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

    Beam H,I,WF Galvanis

    Visit us:

    Product: H-Beam, I-Beam, WF Galvanis

    Kategori: Structural Steel


    Hot-rolled steel beam with H-shaped cross section, used mainly in piling and retaining structures. A structural beam of rolled steel or concrete having a shape whose cross section resembles the letter H; has wider flanges than an I-beam.

    Grades: ASTM A36,SM490B, SS400,SM400B


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    Nama: Mugiyono M
    Phone: 0818 0817 1467

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